Even in impossible times.

Pay it Forward Friday

I have been noticing piles of stuff accumulating in my house for the past few months and to be honest, it is time to get rid of it. We have WAY too much STUFF that we hardly ever (or never) use. I was thinking about having a rummage sale, but nah. I’m just going to donate it. So that is how I’m going to Pay it Forward today: donations! Money is still tight so you have to do what you can. How are you going to Pay it Forward today?


I have had a love-hate relationship with my fear of criticism for as long as I can remember.

On the one hand, it keeps me from trying anything that might create the slightest bit of social turmoil and that has some comfort to it. On the other it keeps me from trying much of ANYTHING. I have been merely existing instead of living for the past 27 years. If that sounds familiar to you then it’s time for us to break free!

I have, so far, lived my life trying to either stay under the radar or be praise-worthy. I have been telling myself that anything in between gets messy and people stop liking you (and apparently that matters). It has to stop. I cannot let fear rule my life any longer, and neither can you, for if we do we will lay on our deathbeds (hopefully many years from now) regretting that we never really LIVED. It might take baby steps, but be kind to yourself, and push yourself when you know you should.

People are going to criticize you anyway. You might as well live a life that you love.

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